Modular Kitchen Furniture

Impressive modular kitchen design combined with effective cookspace distribution defines our System collection. The integration of different materials, infinite opportunities for creativity, combining or modulating kitchen objects and furniture make our modular kitchens as complete as they are versatile.

Working on the modular aspects of kitchen furniture design and accentuating its positive aspects we employ various engineering and design techniques to define our System Collection among products available on the market. Ainoa is an introductive series using wood surfaces to demostrate high-end aesthetic as well as versatility and customization of modular kitchen designs. The integration of the wood, stone and glass featuring endless matte and gloss color shades make Lamina series a kitchen for demanding palates.

Particular attention to color was paid in New Nice kitchen furniture design: design freedom is perfectly reflected in a variety of stone, wood and eco materials effects to provide endless design opportunities. For all lovers of typical loft and large spaces in old industrial buildings we created Urban series – definitive, cosmopolitan and flexible.

In System collection everyone can find a part of them or gain inspiration for unique and exclusive modular kitchen designs.