New Young

Informations about the kitchen


A good breakfast starts the day well; energy involves not only food, but also and the environment, which must be sunny and comfortable. New Young interprets this need with creative compositions that coordinate colours and wood in a mix that exalts a dynamic atmosphere in your kitchen.

NEW YOUNG 1.0 - Champagne and Iceberg

A new trend in contemporary design reinterprets the roles and the functions of spaces, placing the kitchen at the centre of life at home, no longer just a place for preparing meals but the heart of the activities of the whole family. The boundary between living area and kitchen disappears and the rigid separations of the past make way for the freedom of the open space.

Open elements, shelves, and wall cabinets with illuminated bottoms are details that turn a kitchen into delightful, elegant place to be.

NEW YOUNG 2.0 - Lana and café

Glossy and bi-coloured, New Young is enriched by practical open elements that enhance the composition with appealing aesthetic geometries. A complete wall dedicated to the kitchen frees the surrounding area, providing a perfect setting for a prestigious solid wood table, inviting guests into a convivial and charming “open space”.

The hood integrated with the hanging units, and the doors with hollow-grip handles, add to a minimalist kind of aesthetics; the high storage capacity of basket-fitted base cabinets keeps utensils in impeccable order and makes the kitchen ready to be put on show to guests, in its best possible guise.

Colori e finiture

Bianco Neve

Avorio Sahara

Grigio Pomice

Grigio Stonegrey

Grigio Vulcano

Grigio Billbergia

Grigio Castoro

Grigio Dark

Rosso Bordeaux




Bianco Calce

Grigio Luna


Beige Seta

Stone Grey

Brown Grey


Olmo Light Grey

Olmo Veralinga

Rovere Chiaro

Rovere Grigio

Rovere Scuro

Sanremo Sand

Sanremo Rustic

Rovere Naturale

French Oak


Oak Melinga Dark

Agave Supermatt

Fango Velluto