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There are important factors to be considered when designing and choosing a kitchen. Space, light, function and aesthetic for which materials and colours have a major effect on the nature and style of the design. Nice allows for extensive customisation thanks to the vast range of materials available, not only glass but endless solutions from colour lacquer finishes in over 270 RAL and Pantone colours to the textural surfaces with a stone, wood and Eco Beton effect. New Nice means design freedom.

The kitchen is the place of hospitality par excellence, where different tastes and cultures often come together. New Nice was introduced as a range in gloss and matt satin finish glass in six colours yet designed for coordination starting from the choice of materials and their infinite combinations with the wood and stone finishes from the Lamina and Ainoa ranges. The passion for good food and the care taken to prepare it are factors which raise the quality level of the context and relationships while living in the home, like the capacity for expressing the personality of the occupants through the items of furniture.

NEW NICE 1.0 - Gloss white glass, tan colour ash

Distinctive in the dominant glass white finish of the doors, New Nice offers an interesting refrigerated wine rack module, structured into shelves in tan colour ash for connoisseurs. Architecture and design are inspired by function, adding value to the aesthetic as a decisive factor in the choice of a product and essential for meeting the expectations of an enduring purchase, the kitchen.

The Athena Gray corian worktop rises up the back to create a continuity effect along the wall, interrupted when it meets the tan colour ash of the shelf and panelling. The door appears suspended from the worktop, almost as if to underline the groove grip which is a distinctive feature of the elegant simplicity of New Nice.

NEW NICE 2.0 - Glass matt white

While the architecture of New Nice is minimalist, its technology and efficiency is maximum. The two islands, key elements of this solution, feature the worktop in lava SinterLite and the groove opening of the base units with rack layout. Stainless steel underworktop sinks, concealed extractor hood and multipurpose tall units are just some of the special features of New Nice yet to be revealed in full.

The two New Nice islands can be joined together by a worktop in lava SinterLite with extra thickness as an idea for other functions, an invitation for drinking a toast with creativity.

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