Informations about the kitchen


Nenè is a wood-veneer kitchen that speaks of bygone times, in which order and attention to detail exalt nature and tradition.

Its authenticity is seen in the ivory decapé ash finishes, which evoke memories of places that needed a spacious, functional kitchen.These values are brought out in the solutions proposed, which ensure plenty of room for both food preparation and storage.

NENE' 1.0

Nenè presents a unique, personal style that enhances large spaces. Its structure is ideal for creating practical areas with great storage solutions, all the while ensuring a clean, refined aesthetic. The countertops on the kitchen and island blend perfectly with the ivory decapé ash-framed doors.

NENE' 2.0

Beautiful lighting complements decapé ash for a practical kitchen.

Colors and finishes

Frassino tinta Decapè Avorio

Frassino tinta Decapè Avorio Vetro Fuso

Frassino tinta Decapè Avorio con Griglia