Informations about the kitchen


Preparing a special dish involves knowledge of the nature of the ingredients, their combining, the way in which they come together to create an exclusive dish. Lamina is just that: made up of a very rich range of materials and finishes which offer equally infinite solutions to create your personalised recipe. The integration of the wood, stone and glass combined with endless matte and gloss colour shades make Lamina a kitchen for demanding palates.

The kitchen has always represented a preferential space dedicated to hospitality, simultaneously accommodating a passion for good food and the ability to express the tastes and personality of its occupants through objects and furniture. The integration of different materials, crucial contaminations for offering a wide choice, make the Lamina design complete and versatile, combining rich technological content with the appeal of cutting-edge design.

LAMINA 1.0 - Ingo black Fenix

Refined and audacious, this “total black” solution is an idea by Lamina. Fenix laminates customise surfaces and exalt the essential outline of the grip profile door. The room is surrounded by green, which reflects a soul that is light and versatile by nature.

LAMINA 2.0 - London grey, white Malè, glossy lacquered

Lamina, introduces a striking glossy, lacquered colour, highlighted in the tall units and on the base units in the living area. The room brightens with new vitality, mirroring a pulsating and creative city. The back panels become functional panelling personalised by refined Led-lit shelves.

LAMINA 3.0 - Kitchens with stone sur faces

Lava stone on the walls, piasentina stone on the island, with obligatory use of wood in the details almost as if to remind us of the bond between us and nature. A line in tobacco oak maps and links up the central area of the cooker with generous support for the minimalist stainless steel hood. The kitchen area communicates with the rest of the home with light as key feature.

Wall-mounted base units with groove door alternate with the compact volumes of the island, accessorised on one side for storage and on the other side to show off other functional performances.

The island top in tobacco oak is for food preparation and washing with considerable space for manoeuvre when working. High-capacity deep drawers with racks are a rational addition to the solution.

For gourmets and health fanatics preserving the taste and aroma of products becomes essential. A glassfronted refrigerated wine rack ensures best performances through the aid of technologies with high energy and low environmental impact.

A useful variation comes from the positioning of the top of the central island. During installation you can choose the position which best suits your needs in terms of space and function.

LAMINA 4.0 - Lamina, architecture as variation

Lamina takes its inspiration from architecture by organising open volumes as elements inhabited by useful objects. Different materials are alternated in these walls such as graphite oak and elm harmonised by the measured intervention of the antibes cement of the wall-mounted base units.

Rationalism-inspired shapes play a prime aesthetic role thanks to the use of different colours and materials. Function lies in alternating open units with strategic closed-off storage space.

LAMINA 5.0 - Lamina, beyond the kitchen space

Nature lives beyond any conditioning, it lives in architecture and areas of the home, in the colours of the walls and the delicious dishes to which the kitchen is dedicated. Lamina is inspired by stone and wood to underpin important choices and aesthetics linked inextricably to function.

The washing and cooking zone mirror each other on the island workstation, leaving a large space in the centre for resting and preparing food.

Six tall units with concealed doors open to integrate in the capacious wall structure, able to organise glass-fronted spaces and hold appliances and practical pull-out racks in deep drawers. Every detail is governed by a specific function and, like flavouring for a dish, enhances its special features.

Colors and finishes

Laminato HPL

Effetto Pietra



Pietra Basaltica


Pietra Lavica

Porfido Reale

Cemento Portland

Cemento Antibes

Effetto legno

Olmo Scuro


Rovere Grafite

Rovere Tabacco

Rovere Dolomiti

Rovere Nordico

Rovere Europeo

Rovere Versaille

Rovere Monet

Unicolor Fenix

Bianco Kos


Beige Luxur

Rosa Colorado


Grigio Efeso

Grigio Bromo

Grigio Londra


Nero Ingo