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Ginevra is a kitchen in ash-finish wood, with a particularly linear style, focusing its carefully considered elegance on the variations in colour and surface texture seen in the five colour options, all available in glossy and matt. Simplicity and refinement are the key words, and they make for gracefully balanced compositions.


In Ginevra the framed door is dressed in mink colour pickled and lacquered ash, offering an open-space composition with multipurpose peninsula. Ideas for hospitality come from a well-stocked and chilled wine rack, a showcase which becomes an invitation to quality drinking and quality cuisine which nobody can refuse.

If food becomes a ritual, the place has to be worthy of real chefs. Perfect for cooking – and enjoying – the most sophisticated recipes are the traditional oven with professional
performances and the wall-mounted microwave.

Large, soft closing drawers and deep drawers to hold all the pots and pans in an orderly fashion. The pull-out mechanism with four stainless steel removable racks, on the other hand, is the best solution for taking advantage of the depth of the corner as an element used for storage.

An original storage solution is represented by the tall units fitted with 120 cm deep drawers, for housing state-of-the-art electrical appliances.


In its ultra-sophisticated version in pickled and lacquered white Ginevra develops a modern and appealing kitchen concept in which all-steel modules are integrated, represented by the electrical appliances installed in central tall units. The central island offers a generous work top and extensive storage solutions with added open shelving in a retro style. The glass and steel handles reveal the material of the doors in all its textural beauty.

The island with top in black granite becomes the frame of reference around which all the service and storage areas are structured in a kitchen inspired by tradition yet with an
eye to the future.

The black top matches the eternal white of the doors and allows for new combinations for the interior finishes, such as the accessorised cutlery drawer with a wood finish. The kitchen also includes stainless steel elements with a technical and professional flavour, creating a delightful combination.

The kitchen is fitted with food storage tall units with pull-out shelves in steel and a refrigerated glass unit which as well as preserving food puts their freshness in full view, an invitation to healthy and balanced cooking.


Those who think of Ginevra as a wide-ranging design have grasped its true spirit since its flexibility is such as to adapt to very large and complex spaces and add value to minimal spaces with linear solutions. The framed door, in pickled white oak, is coordinated with the anthracite grey of the wall units to create an unusual contrast, just as a frame enhances the work of a picture.

Large deep storage drawers fitted with divider kits for best organisation of space are the best solution for ensuring maximum function and optimising space.

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