Our kitchens

Classic Collection

Italian style kitchens created by Record e Cucine perfectly reflect modern Italian kitchen design combined with innovative technologies, technical experience and Made in Italy standards. Choosing Italian kitchen furniture from Record e Cucine you can put into effect sophisticated, modern and bold kitchen projects. Our kitchen not only defines modern Italian kitchen cabinets as preferential space dedicated to hospitality, but also expresses a passion for good food and the ability as well as tastes and personality of its occupants through objects and furniture.

Particular attention to aesthetics, convenience and functionality creates the basis of our excellence in creation of Italian kitchen furniture. As personification of a powerful recall of modern Italian kitchen design, our kitchens carry signature that distinguishes Record e Cucine among office furniture companies. Unique vision of Italian design is reflected shapes, variety of color, particular attention to materials and furniture concepts creating inimitable feeling that resemble design of modern Italian kitchen cabinets and passion for food.