Modern Italian Kitchens

Modern collection from Record e Cucine perfectly reflects current tendencies in contemporary kitchen design. Fresh look on modern Italian kitchen is expressed in material selection, color gamma and bright ideas behind every series. We focused on impressive and correct design, enhanced usability and customization to represent effective solutions for modern kitchen ambience that perfectly suits everyday demands.

Every element of collection was created to turn generic space dedicated to hospitality into iconic example of modern kitchen design with its own unique feel that resemble interior design of your living space and passion for food. Our kitchens from modern collection combine elegance and technology as well as usability and style. We work with Italian and foreign experts in modern kitchen design to offer all types of custom solutions for home cooking spaces.

Our modern collection cover essential range of materials with particular focus on modern wood kitchen featuring accents from loft and eco trends expressed in every detail of furniture: from post-industrial elements, strong and resistant dimensions for cooking to perfect blend of wood and metal.

Rich experience allows us to create solutions in line with present-day needs expressing future tendencies and presenting sophisticated, prestigious and modern kitchen design.