Classic Style Kitchens

We offer modern classic kitchens that perfectly blend vintage beauty and innovative soul: in our Classic collection elegance of classic style meets modern trends to conceal status and luxury of past centuries. Passionate, luxurious and delicate, classic style kitchen by Record e Cucine perfectly expresses powerful recall of past centuries.

Elegance of classic kitchen is a signature of Ginevra series featuring ash-finish wood in glossy or matt colors performed with simplicity and refinement. Luxury is the essence of our Ca’ Nova modern classic kitchens, perfectly expressed through antique effects and Art Nouveau elements with particular creativity and neoclassical touch. In Nenè series emerges wood-veneer idea in all its beauty: blending nature and tradition this classic style kitchen features ivory finishes to bring particularly vintage atmosphere. Ideal balance of modern and classic kitchen is imprinted in Micol series featuring solid wood finishes, marble colors and decisive geometry.

Delicate knowledge of classic styles and latest trends together with exquisite attitude to combination of modern and classic kitchen styles provide the basis of our Classic collection all to discover.